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What Are The Benefits Of Using CRM Software?

CRM offers many benefits and advantages by collecting and organising data about customer interactions, making it accessible and actionable for all, and facilitating analysis of that data.

Some benefits and advantages of CRM systems:

Enhanced contact management

Every call, question, negotiation, and touchpoint from prospects and clients are recorded and accessible to the entire team with a centralised contact management system.

This boosts sales, marketing, and customer service teams in terms of tracking, pipe progression and client history.

Cross-team collaboration

Build on the expertise of individuals — a CRM system enables people from different parts of a business to work together.

A sales team can collaborate with a product team to produce bespoke quotes. At the same time, a marketing campaign that generates a lead can equip a salesperson to have a more informed, tailored conversation with the prospect.

Increased productivity

Cut out administrative tasks like follow-up emails and “catch-up” meetings with management.

With a CRM, follow-up emails can be auto-generated and tested for effectiveness, management can easily access the most recent details of a customer meeting, and customer service administrators can learn a customer’s background without leaving the call.

Empowered sales management

Empower sales managers with data to analyse customer relationships, track sales-related activity, assess deal viability, mobilise extra help when needed, and provide teams with real-time updates.

Manage sales pipeline and all the individual milestones along the way, from lead generation through to closing.

Integrated sales forecasting

A single source of truth makes it much easier for sales managers to make accurate forecasts, thanks to their visibility of sales in the pipeline.


Sales teams can learn from the past and forecast the future through historical data. At the same time, predictive analytics uses big data insights to anticipate future customer behaviour.

Reliable reporting

Get an at-a-glance view of its sales pipeline so it’s simple to spot potential issues and nip them in the bud.

As well as making data digestible, reports improve team productivity by saving time that would once have been spent pulling data manually or laboriously creating pivot tables in spreadsheets.

Improved sales metrics

Nurture the right prospects quickly and efficiently by zeroing in on the leads that matter. CRM data and reporting systems provide insights into conversion effectiveness at various points in the sales funnel.

Once a business better understands its customers, upselling and cross-selling opportunities arise– opening up additional business opportunities from existing customers.

Increased customer satisfaction and retention

An easily accessible view of a customer’s interactions to date makes it easier to anticipate issues and deal with complaints.

This creates a more positive experience for customers who no longer have to endure the frustrations of being bounced around between departments and channels and having to re-explain their problems each time.

Better marketing ROI

Effective tracking helps businesses to understand what marketing activities and campaigns are practical for their client base.

Campaign tracking provides actionable insights into what type of marketing works for which customer, making it easier for marketers to maximise their budgets and deliver greater ROI.

Enhanced products and services

A sound CRM system will gather information from various sources across a business and beyond.

This gives unprecedented insight into how customers feel and what they are saying about an organisation — so businesses can improve what they offer, spot problems early, and identify gaps.

Why choose BaseCloud CRM?

BaseCloud CRM is the most advanced CRM system in South Africa. It provides all the essential functions of a world-class CRM system, with custom-made features from individual customers and a hands-on approach.

Functions Includes:

Integration capabilities: 

  • Email integration – Tracking and automatically logging emails.

  • Calendar integration –  Tracking and automatically logging meetings in the CRM.

  • Integration with other software packages – Integrate your CRM with your accounting and other software.

2. Automatic lead tracking:

  • Automatically track calls

  • Automatically track emails

  • Automatically track forms

3. Automatic ROI calculation: Calculate the ROI for each of your marketing channels.

4. Insights about your current business inefficiencies: Easy-to-understand insights on the areas where your business can improve.

5. Dashboards & Reporting: Customisable dashboards and easy reporting.

6. Opportunity & Pipeline Management: Get insight into and track your entire sales process, from your team to your clients.

7. Task management: Create, manage and share tasks with your team.

8. Sales process customisation: Every business is different; you need a CRM system that understands be customised to fit your sales process.

9. Ease of use: Clean & uncomplicated design.

10. Value for money: Pricing suited to the South African market.

Contact us today for more information about BaseCloud CRM and to see how we can help you grow your business.

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